Print Service Solutions

Whether complete services on your printing units, in the folder or any other components of your
printing rotations- we are your reliable and competent partner and thanks to many years of experience
are we more than an alternative to the machine producer.

Our tools and workflow are very well adjusted to your needs.

Our specialists in the PSS sector are versed in solving problems and work customer oriented. That
makes it possible to use your maintenance period and therefore the downtimes of your facility in the
best possible way.

Our endeavour is it not only to bring your machinery onto a high level of performance and availability
but to keep those aspects up for a long time.

Our service comprises::

  • Consulting and planning of maintenance projects
  • Fix price offer to reasonable terms
  • High quality spare parts with good availability
  • Swift performance of maintenance projects
  • Training of in-house machine personnel

Our standard service spectrum.

Printing units

We offer the following services for fix price:

  • Change of Rollers in inking couple and dampening unit and adjustments thereof
  • Change of pneumatic packages (pneumatic cylinder)
  • Maintenance of roller adjustment
  • Bearer pretention setting
  • Change of Cylinder bearings (Plate cylinder and blanket cylinder)
  • Change of oscillating ink roller
  • Change of film roller and its adjustment
  • Revision of ink fountain
  • PPL repair and maintenance

Folder (all types)

We offer the following services for fix price:

  • Complete revision on the folder
  • Revision and maintenance of the tape guide system (rollers and pulleys)
  • Change of individual components (folding roller, feed unit elements, former etc.)
  • Belt change in the folder
  • Exchange of timing belts

Apart from service on the reel splicer and the dryer we are able to service all parts of your machine.

Interested in our solutions? Just contact us!

We are looking forward to compile an individual repair-and maintenance offer for you.