Transport Belting Service

Welcome to TBS (Transport Belting Service)!

TBS is our business area which delivers competent solutions around the product transport in the folder, the conveyors and the stackers.

Our goal is to reach the best possible result through specific choice of material and perfect belt processing.


100% quality = 100% Customer satisfaction

This is our motto.

Starting with the preparatory work, the proper choice of material, the belt processing, the installation and improvements and modifications this attitude is omnipresent.

Long experience enables us to deliver an end product which guarantees a trouble free production process between the belt changes.

We reach that by not just doing a belt change but through optimizing and modification of the technical components. In this way we reach highest reliability in the area of product transport.

Convince yourself of our pulleys, rollers and belt guidance.

Our demand is to reach a countable success for you as a customer!


100% customer orientation

Idle times of your machines should be used effectively for maintenance.

We have developed methods of working, which achieve a high maintenance effect even with a short machine standstill.

We prepare the maintenance by delivering for you:

  • A detailed documentation of all pulleys and rollers in your folder.
  • Proposals for the belt material that is matching your machine and your products.
  • Maintenance proposals matching your time slots
  • Transparent maintenance costs through fixed quotes

Together with you we want to optimize the area of product transport!