• Transportbandsysteme TBS

    Transport Belting Service

    Welcome to TBS (Transport Belting Service)!

    TBS is our business area which delivers competent solutions around the product transport in the folder, the conveyors and the stackers.

    Our goal is to reach the best possible result through specific choice of material and perfect belt processing.


    100% quality = 100% Customer satisfaction

    This is our motto.

    Starting with the preparatory work, the proper choice of material, the belt processing, the installation and improvements and modifications this attitude is omnipresent.

    Long experience enables us to deliver an end product which guarantees a trouble free production process between the belt changes.

    We reach that by not just doing a belt change but through optimizing and modification of the technical components. In this way we reach highest reliability in the area of product transport.

    Convince yourself of our pulleys, rollers and belt guidance.

    Our demand is to reach a countable success for you as a customer!


    100% customer orientation

    Idle times of your machines should be used effectively for maintenance.

    We have developed methods of working, which achieve a high maintenance effect even with a short machine standstill.

    We prepare the maintenance by delivering for you:

    • A detailed documentation of all pulleys and rollers in your folder.
    • Proposals for the belt material that is matching your machine and your products.
    • Maintenance proposals matching your time slots
    • Transparent maintenance costs through fixed quotes

    Together with you we want to optimize the area of product transport!

  • Print Service Solutions PSS

    Print Service Solutions

    Welcome to PSS (Print Service solutions)![

    This area of business of the AMB RotoTech GmbH offers competent repair and maintenance solutions starting with the infeed unit, the printing units, the web lead to the folder of your manroland rotary press.

    Our goal is to get the quality, the handling, the availability and the output onto highest levels by exact and effective maintenance and repair services.

    PSS Startseite.jpg

    100% quality without compromise

    From the first contact, the planning, the choice of material, the execution and putting back into service, you are in the best hands.

    Our demand is:

    • Reach countable improvements
    • Increase of production quality
    • Improvement of the handling
    • Smoothing out sources of trouble

    If necessary we reach this by going away from the construction parameters of the machine manufacturer developing our own low-wear and better-functioning spare parts and use more effective adjustment methods.

    Between two maintenance services your production must not be impeded by breakdowns!

    PSS 1.jpg

    100% customer orientation

    For each of your machines you get an individual maintenance proposal.

    We do this by talking with you and the machine operators. Based on these data we develop concepts to optimize the production process.

    All activities are comprehensible through our documentations.

    On every Maintenance and repair project from the first contact till the end you have the same contact person.

    We are able to submit for most of our activities a fixed quote. With this you can calculate your costs without risk.

    Convince yourself of our service and performance

  • High Level Service

    Higher production speeds..

    The core competences of both areas PSS and TBS combine to the AMB RotoTech Gmbh High Level Service.

    We want to support you to reach the highest performance of your machines.

    HLS 1.jpg

    Success through motivation of the staff

    To keep up and to increase our usual quality the experiences of the individual engineers are transferred through instructions to our other staff.

    All our staff aim to extend his knowledge and practical abilities.

    Therefore we can appoint the majority of our staff to all areas of the production line during maintenance services.

    You take advantage by highly motivated technicians who conduct the technical work professionally and advise competently.

    PSS 1.jpg

    Service from one source

    During a maintenance or repair different maintenance groups have to be reconciled.

    Conflicts between the different service providers lead often to delays, mistakes and quarrels.

    We want to avoid that and therefore often act in the role of the primarily responsible company for the entire maintenance.

    To reach that purpose we additionally employ partner companies. They take care of the drier, the washing unit or the printing unit pressure check and work on our level of quality.

    Get convinced of our service!

    Our team is looking forward to our teamwork!

  • Spare Parts

    Expert support from a single source.

    Welcome to the spare part service from AMB RotoTech GmbH.

    Take advantage from this area of our company with high level, long-lasting and improved machine spare parts.

    As a customer you get access to our online shop. Demand your log-in data and assure yourself of our range of spare parts.

    ETS 1.jpeg

    Spare parts on highest quality level

    In the area of spare parts supply we note weak points in the design and application of the original manufacturer and use that to improve those spare parts.

    You get spare parts from us which have:

    • Higher life expectancy
    • A better handling
    • Better price performance ratio

    Our spare parts are proven and tested and are installed in numerous machines of our customers. Some machines for example were delivered ex works with our patent protected pulleys.

    For many fields of application we can deliver proven and tested solutions.

    We are ready to take new challenges in the area of spare parts improvement. Talk to our staff in regards to your technical problems.